Warehouse Move - Order Delays and Updates

Date Posted:21 August 2023 

We are moving... Our warehouse to a even bigger space! 

Hanako-kun here. We are in the process of moving our warehouse to somewhere bigger. As such there may be abit of a delay in orders going out as well as incoming shipment from our supplier/s. Please see the following for the full list of delays 

  • Incoming new shipments. we are working to receive new shipments as we move, however there may be abit of a delay as we coordinate this with our supplier/s.
  • Dispatch of orders for items from the warehouse. Please see the following for the biggest effected categories
    • Gachapon 
    • T-shirts
    • Stuffed Toys (Sanrio) 
      Orders will be filled from our retail store whenever possible to minimise delays with orders. 

We expect to have our move completed and operational by the 1st week of September and will update if there are any delay.