Frequently Asked Questions


What are Pre-orders?
Pre-Orders are items that have been announced and available to order. They will be released at a future date. 

Why are items on Pre-orders and not just listed when they arrive?
Japanese companies operate off a Pre-order system. This basically means that we have to order all our stock many months in advance and will have almost no chance to order an item from official sources once it has been released. 

It also allows us to gauge popularity and interest in particular lines of items or series which could lead to more items in that line being stocked in the future.  


So how do Pre-order items work?

It's quite simple. Browse through our catalog of Pre-order items and add the items that interest you to the cart like you would normally. You will need to pay a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on the item once you place the order. The system will automatically discount the price to be 20% of the original cost via a code for Pre-orders. Please do not delete this discount - if you do, please restart the checkout process. 

Once the item has arrived, we'll email you that the item has arrived and the remaining 80% plus shipping costs are due. Once the payment has been received, we'll ship the item to you.