Pre-Order System Changes

Author: Anime Kaika   Date Posted:15 December 2019 

Pre-Order Policy Changes

Hello Everyone, 

We'll be changing the way we do our pre-orders slightly. 

Items over $50 will remain the same with 20% deposit. 
Items under $50 will require the full amount as deposit.

Why we're changing our Policy

As we're adding more and more Pre-orders to our site (you'll see more being added over the coming month), we're making a change to our pre-order system. A lot of the new items being added for pre-order are Prize Figures and other Prize Goods such as Banpresto Figures, Sega Nesoberi's. It's a lot of work to process and send out requests when items arrive. With most Prize items being under $50, it would mean deposits of $5-10 and then requesting payments for less than $30 on arrival. This change will not affect the majority of Nendoroids, figmas and scale figures as they are usually more than $50.

Initially when we set up the pre-order policy of 20%, we wanted to allow the customers a chance to order without paying a large upfront cost. At the same time, we wanted the commitment to have some value and to cover our administrative cost in case of cancellations. With the new Prize items being added to pre-orders, we feel that the item value will still be low and it would result in a more seamless experience for everyone involved.

This change will not affect orders already placed and will only affect new orders from now on.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to drop us a message on the contact us page.