About Us

What is Anime Kaika?

Anime Kaika is an Australian Anime Merchandise Retailer based in the Sydney CBD. The address is Shop 10, 324 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000.

We aim to provide the largest selection of anime goods in Australia ranging from the latest snows to classic titles. We strive to become the ultimate anime shopping experience in Australia and will constantly look to make things better for you, the fans. 

Our Story
Being big anime fans ourselves, we were always saddened by the gap huge gap between what was available in Japan and Australia for anime merchandise. Often times our friends would ask us where we got our merchandise and we would see the disappointment on their face when the answer was "Japan". We waited and hoped that someone would come and fill the void and close the gap between Japan and Australia. 

After waiting a few years, we decided to take things into our hands and launched Anime Kaika in 2015. Our first official day of trading was at SMASH 2015 and we were swamped. There were people 4 layers deep trying to take a look at what we had. We left SMASH knowing that many of the other fans were similar minded to us and that what we have to offer was well sort after. 

Fast forward to 2016, we spent the majority of the year visiting conventions around Australia. We regularly attend Supanova, OzComicCon, SMASH, Madman Anime Festival and other conventions. At the end of the year, we found ourselves a small store in the heart of the CBD. It was always the first step of our goal to have a brick and mortar store and on 10 December 2016, we opened the doors for the first time. 

The Future
Whilst opening the store was the first step of our goal, we are still striving to help create a better experience for fans.  We're actively trying to contact companies in Japan to have a stronger presence. We're also trying to bring as much of the Akihabara experience over as we can. This is only the first step of our dreams and we hope you'll be there to help support us the whole way.