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Author: Jack   Date Posted:24 May 2017 

It's finally done! Phew, our new website is now done and up and running. Thanks everyone for putting up with the lack of updates on our old one.


I hope everyone likes our new look and system.

You'll notice that a few things have now been updated and we will now take pre-orders on our site! The system will automatically apply a discount so you only pay 20% deposit. It'll also label everything nicely in your invoice!

The site is still missing a few items however we'll be adding those in soon - downloading pictures to make everything look pretty sure takes a lot of  time.

We'll be updating our blogs periodically with new arrivals, our adventures at conventions and other cool bits of information. 

If you find a problem or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Until next time.


Anime Kaika Owner

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